Victor Thruster 1H Badminton Racquet (Pre-Strung)

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Material Graphite + Resin
Headshape Isometric
Gripsize G5 (8.2 cm circumference)
Flexibility Stiff ○○○●○ Flexible
Balanspoint Head heavy ○○●○○ Head light
Color Black/Grey
Weight ca. 83 gram / 4 U
Length 67,5 cm
Current string VS-50 White
Maximum Tension 14 kg

Product details

The Victor Thruster 1H H is a medium flexible and equally balanced badminton racket. It is a stylish gray and black racket and perfect for all-round players.

The racket weighs about 86 grams and is equipped with the Powerbox system and the FRS (Fiber Reinforced system). The Powerbox technology provides less torque, resulting in more precise strokes. The FRS improves the elasticity, so that more kg can be stringed on it.