Chicago Egret Badminton Club Rules

Applicable to all Frisco Badminton members and non-members!

1. Who is allowed to play on the courts?

1. Only checked-in Members are allowed to play during open play per their membership plans.

2. Non-members need to buy a day pass at the front desk in order to avail and play in the facility.

3. Parents accompanying kids to their classes are not allowed to play on courts unless they are members or have bought a non-member pass to play.

4. Kids enrolled in the training program are not allowed to play in the open play courts unless they have signed up for membership plan or have purchased a non-member pass.

5. Non-members who are found inside the courts can be fined $250 if they are found playing without purchasing a day pass prior to entering the courts. Members escorting friends inside the courts to play without a day pass risk loosing their membership (account termination along with a fine of $250).

2. What are the court rules?

1. Each player can play for 20 minutes and rebook their time in the next available slot. Time has to be booked on the tablets on court.

2. If you are waiting to play, please click the Start button on the tablet placed on the court you want to play on. A timer of 20 minus will start and at the end of 20 minutes you can request the players in the court to vacate the court.

3. Please be courteous and mindful of the members waiting to play and vacate the courts once your time is up.

4. Keep your phones on silent mode.

3. What shoes are allowed?

1. Only Non-marking shoes are allowed.

2. Anyone playing with marking shoes that can leave marks on the badminton courts will be fined. Fine for playing with marking shoes: $200.

4. When is Frisco badminotn closed for open play?

1. Frisco Badminton hosts 3-4 tournaments per year (for kids and adults). During the tournaments, Frisco badminton holds the rights to close down open play.

5. Which courts are for open play?

1. Court #7 & 9 to 16 are for open play for doubles games.

2. Court # 8 is singles play court. When the court is not occupied by members playing singles, then doubles can be played. When both Singles and doubles members approach the court at the same time the Singles players will be given the preference. When the court is occupied by doubles players and singles players come to play, they have to wait for 20 min similar to any other court and if there are more singles players, they will just be in Q.

3. Court # 1 to 6 are reserved for training.

6. Which courts are reserved for training?

1. Court # 1 to 6 are reserved for training. Any exceptions will need to be approved by the Coach.

2. Group Training times: Monday to Friday 4:30 to 9:30 pm Saturday Sunday 10:00 am to 7 pm.

7. How do I change my membership or training program?

1. Any membership changes have a $10 charge and need to be requested in writing. It can take 1 to 4 working days to make changes.

2. Membership Cancellation - 30-day notice.

3. Membership Hold - 10-day notice.

4. Membership and training change requests made at front desk and by phone will not be entertained.

5. Email: info@friscobadminton.com

8. How do I request make-up class?

1. The new curriculum in 2021 does not offer makeup classes.

2. If a student needs to miss a class for an upcoming event, a 30-day advance email notification is needed.

9. Refunds

1. Always email us at info@friscobadminton.com 30 days ahead of your next billing date so your account changes can be made in a timely manner. Refunds will not be issued for Membership dues from previous months if we don't find an email request in our inbox.

2. No refunds will be issued on Registration fees.

3. No refunds will be issued for annual membership after contract commences.

4. No refunds will be issued on membership dues for account cancellations not meeting the notification period requirements.

5. Should Academy find it necessary to remove a child from a class, a prorated refund will be issued for remaining classes left in the month.

6. Refunds will not be issued for failure to attend a scheduled class.

7. Refunds will not be issued on any unscheduled cancellations by Staff.

8. Refunds will not be issued for any facility closures due to natural disaster, government emergency, health crisis or force majeure (act of God)

9. No refunds will be issued for after hours access fees. After hours access fees is a one time fee and renews every 6 months.

10. What is registration fees?

1. Registration fees is a one time fee charged at the time of enrollment. It is not refundable upon account cancellation.

2. Once account is cancelled, registration fees will be recharged prior to re-enrollment.

11. What is a family plan?

1. A family plan is a plan that offers the primary member to add Spouse and kids (below 18 years) to the membership. Please refer to the pricing sections for pricing details.

2. A government issued ID is required at the time of registration of primary and family members. If a family member does not have a state issued ID, then a exception maybe provided if a utility bill is shown showing the family member resides in the same house as primary member. We hold the right to refuse membership if a valid ID is not provided.

3. Frisco Badminton reserves the right to terminate a membership (without refunds) if a member is found misusing invalid member ID's or showing incorrect family ID's or other proof documents such as utility bills

12. Can I train my students in Frisco Badminton facility?

1. Frisco Badminton offers a training program and coaches. The coaches are accredited by badminton and sports governing bodies like USAB and safe sports USA. Any one who wishes to get training can join our training programs. If you are not associated and employed as a Frisco Badminton coach, then you are not allowed to train anyone in this facility.

2. Training can only be offered by a Frisco Badminton coach and only under our curriculum.

3. Any type of Badminton training including feeding birds/shuttlecock is strictly restricted. Violators can be fined or membership can be canceled.

4. Any member not associated with Frisco Badminton as a coach is strictly prohibited from soliciting and offering training to any of our members and kids in training programs.

5. If you are found violating our training policy, your membership will be terminated effective immediately.

13. How do I enroll in 24x7 biometric access?

1. Front desk staff can enroll you with 24x7 biometric access. Addition fees will apply based on your current member plan types.

2. There is one time registration fee which will be charged at the time of registration.

3. Registration fees is not refundable upon account cancellation/termination. When account is cancelled/terminated, the account is fully closed out. Re-instating a membership will require a new registration fees. as applicable at that time

14. Can I place a hold on my 24x7 biometric access ?

1. 24x7 biometric access cannot be placed on a hold. Biometric access fees charged at the time of activation and consequently upon expiry is a non-refundable fees.

15. What is the Lost and Found Process?

1. Frisco Badminton is not responsible for the members personal belongings. Any item found while cleaning will be placed in the lost and found box at front desk.

2. Anyone claiming the lost item has to show proof of ownership to front desk.

3. Members are responsible for their belongings.

4. Frisco Badminton management recommends to add some labels on the personal belongings specially BIRDIES tube, Bags, Racquets.

5. Frisco Badminton staff may help you if time permits, however please treat the staff with care. Be humble, polite and have some patience when you solicit help from staff.