Egret badminton training center provides the best badminton training in Midwest area. All the coaches from egret are full of experience in coaching. We have several training programs including normal group, small group, egret star team and private lessons which are suitable for all ages!


Private lessons (​1-on-1 training)

Private lessons are offered for students of all ages/levels. Private lessons are more direct time with the coach. By taking private lessons you can focus on enhancing, correcting and improving particular skills where you are having trouble improving. Private lessons are a very effective and direct way to fix your skills and turbo charge your game. Schedule varies depending on coach availability.





Skill Level Improvement: Participants will be placed in different groups based on their skill level. Special training will be provided for each level so that students can improve quickly. Emphasis will be placed on helping each individual improve his or her game, including footwork, smash/drop/drive techniques, singles and doubles strategies, badminton physical fitness, etc. Students will receive individual attention and instruction in the areas that he or she needs.

Strength and Conditioning: Beginning a training program early in life allows young athletes to establish basic fundamental movements before bad habits are established. Explosion Foundations provides a fun, fast paced, environment that allows young athletes to raise their level of physical conditioning. Enjoying exercise at a young age helps young athletes to understand the importance of hard work, commitment and success while also creating habits that can continue through an athletic career and later in life.

Fun and In-Depth Learning: Coach Helen will lead and coach the classes along with top coaches to ensure players receive professional training during the entire camp.