Victor Jetspeed S10Q Badminton Racket

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Looking for an even balanced frame for superior handling and power and speed? Look no further than the Victor Jetspeed S10 badminton racket. The VICTOR Jetspeed S10 is a balanced racket and has a slightly smaller head than normal while still having the shaft slightly thinner. Fast shots, quick defense, and soft touches- this racket makes it easy to do. Built with two cutting-edge technologies of PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY, along with specialized small racket frame and thin shaft, the JETSPEED S 10 badminton racket is lightweight with precise handling. 


  • Shaft Stiffness: Stiff
  • Balance:Even
  • Length:675 mm 
  • Weight: 4U (84 gms)
  • Grip: G5
  • Frame Material:Ultra High Modulus Graphite + Nano Fortify
  • Shaft Material:Ultra High Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL by Mitsubishi + 6.8 SHAFT
  • Stringing: Custom Stringing Available
  • Made in: Taiwan