Regular/Small Group

Egret badminton training center provides the best badminton training in Midwest area. All the coaches from egret are full of experience in coaching. We have several training programs including normal group, small group, egret star team and private lessons which are suitable for all ages!


REGULAR GROUP (4-11 Students)

Regular group classes are  targeted for students who want to learn the sport of badminton and improve their skills for recreational play. Beginner classes are suited for anyone who has never had formal badminton training and/or are new to the sport. Intermediate classes are for students who have had prior badminton training and can do the basic footwork and shots, but would like to bring their game to the next level. Classes run on a monthly basis.



SMALL GROUP (3-6 Students)

Small group are mainly for the same level of students to take more targeted training, 6 students are the maximum. ​Learn proper technique/quality of shots including (length of rally, power, placement/accuracy and creativity), reduce errors, improve on quality of footwork (agility and coverage), physical endurance and mentality and above all sportsman spirit and discipline. 


All the classes sign up will be in person, classes are not transferable and must use with the same location.

Fees Policy

Registration fees and monthly dues are non-refundable. Please inform to cancel or put on hold 30 days before billing date.

Cancellation Policy

30 days written email notice to is required for cancelling training enrollment.

Make up Classes

No make-up classes allowed - no exceptions.

Student missing classes cannot be added to other classes on another day as other classes get affected.