Yonex SHB-PC-02 LX Coral Orange Ladies Badminton Shoes

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The Yonex SHB-PC-02LX Coral Orange Ladies badminton shoes has newly designed upper to provide improved fit and stability. This new Asymmetrical fit secures and supports the foot, giving greater stability for faster, more accurate footwork, for men. The inner is designed to provide excellent stability and durability using Quattro Fit design. With this design, the concept is to reduce extra space on the toes, upper part of the base, the mid-foot part, and the heel to provide a snug shoes which creates stability during movements. The new claw design on the SHB-PC-02LX badminton shoes to provides a more solid side movement which help reduces power loss when pushing hard against the court and improves stability by strengthening the sides of the shoe. The SHB-PC-02LX badminton shoes still have the last year added ToughBrid on its midsole material to provide a more stable movement and better cushioning under high impact movement and stress. Yonex new midsole material - ToughBrid - whose molecules are arranged in a more stable alignment provides greater elasticity and shape retention. As a result, the shoe continues to provide a high level of cushioning performance for longer, even under the stresses of fast, high-impact footwork. Players can now enjoy maximum comfort on court and reduce physical fatigue to achieve superior footwork.

In contrast with the original Yonex Power Cushion&trade which absorbs shock at a single point on its surface, the new 3-Layer Power Cushion absorbs shocks across its entire 3-layer constructions. The hard top and bottom layers absorbs 30% more shock than Yonex original Power Cushion and 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.

In addition, Yonex also redesigned its insole. The new Power Cushion Insole MC provides the performance advantage of instant resilience that minimizes shock and puts more power into your footwork. The Yonex new Insole construction extends support inside the shoe to check side-to-side movement. With no lateral movement to diminish power, more speed and more power are transferred into your movements.

Lastly, Yonex also uses Double Russel Mesh, an ultra fine mesh that is extremely lightweight and durable, to provides eight times more air-exchange for releasing moisture than ordinary mesh fabric to reduce smell and give comfort to the feet. Tough Guard III over synthetic leather to increase the durability/strength of by up to 3 times. The Tough Guard III material is also more resistant against heat for longer comfort and performance.

Upper: PU Leather, Polyester Mesh, Durable Skin
Midsole: ToughBrid Light, Power Cushion, T.P.U., Solid E.V.A., Power Graphite Sheet
Outsole: Rubber
Color: Blue

Power Cushion (3-Layer)
Round Sole
Power Graphite
Power Cushion Insole MCF
Hexagrip Sole
NEW Lateral Claw
Tough Guard III