Game Equipment Specification


There are few restrictions on clothing for badminton matches, however players tend to wear shorts or skirts and short sleeved t-shirts, along with specialist non-marking badminton shoes. Older regulations, stipulated that clothing had to be at least 75 per cent white but this is no longer a requirement of the modern game.

No allow to play that shoes with black sole on the bottom.( light color prefer)


The shuttlecock formed in the shape of a cone is made from a small piece of cork with a diameter of 25 to 28 millimeters, coated with leather. It is made up from 16 feathers from the left wing of a goose or duck, which are 70 millimeters in length.


Badminton racquets have progressed from a simple wooden construction to being built with sophisticated lightweight materials such as aluminum, graphite and ti…