2017 Egret Summer Camps – in Schaumburg, Lisle and Junior Training Center facility in China

Choices of 2017 Egret Summer Camps:

2017 Egret Summer Camp in China

2017 Egret Star Team Summer Camp

2017 Egret Summer Camp in Lisle

2017 Egret Summer Camp in Schaumburg

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  1. Lori Jacoby says:

    Hi. I am just looking for information on your Schaumburg summer camps
    Please let me know if you have a schedule out yet.
    Thank you,

    Lori Jacoby

  2. sheyda ghaffarkhan says:

    Hi ,
    I am a badminton player residing in Iran and am been looking for a professional training center to boost my career as far as I became familiar with this fantastic sport,
    Fortunately I found your academy and it attracts me . Im currently 20 years old .
    Is it possible for me to join to your academy ?

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